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Homasy Handheld Cordless Vacuum For Car

Homasy Handheld Vacuum Cordless, 8Kpa Hand Vacuum with Powerful Cyclonic Suction

Homasy Handheld Cordless Vacuum For Car

Homasy Handheld Cordless Vacuum For Car
Homasy Handheld Cordless Vacuum For Car

Swiping a vacuum repeatedly to pick up stagnant dirt is more disappointing than frustrating.  Everybody loves a clean and crystal-clear house, car and furniture but the process of cleaning itself isn’t a desirable activity, especially if a good decision wasn’t made while selecting the cleaning tool.

While there’s a zero-tolerance for dirty and unclean environments in homes or cars, the struggle to maintain a clean environment is considerable. However, the situation can be substantially balanced if a user makes a good decision while opting for his cleaning tools. For instance, the vacuum cleaner he is going for must be properly researched and explored before purchasing.

As there are a plethora of brands with multiple designs, determining the ideal weapon for cleaning might be confusing. However, reputable and rated products by Homasy should be trusted enough to get the job done while providing maximum ease to the user.

Homasy’s Vacuum Cleaner Cordless with Powerful Cyclonic Suction, rated at 17th spot for handheld vacuums at Amazon, is an ideal fit for users wishing for impeccable cleaning with minimal input. There are several features engineered into the handheld vacuum cleaner by Homasy for making the overall cleaning process effortless. These features include:

  • Supports wet and dry cleaning: While dust and other solid wastes are perfectly dealt by the vacuum, liquid spills up to 100ml are no trouble either for the handheld vacuum cleaner.
  • Powerful suction: The extraordinary 8Kpa suction power of vacuum cleaner allows it to deal with pet hairs, crumbs, food debris, dog hair, cat hair, cigarette ashes, paper scraps and other small things at home or car efficiently.
  • Long battery timings: With 30 mins runtime on battery and a big capacity of 600 ml, the handheld vacuum cleaner makes sure that the entire cleaning task is easily completed in one cycle.
  • Cordless and Portable: Homasy’s wireless vacuum cleaner can be carried without a hitch. It’s wireless and possesses a transparent dirt bowl to smoothly discharge bowel when it’s full.
  • Washable non-woven filters: Homasy’s vacuum cleaner comes with two non-woven filters that can be washed after using the vacuum and utilized again. These non-woven filters are easy to handle as compared to paper filters.

Apart from these features, in order to make Homasy handheld vacuum a perfect solution attending the daily needs of users, three extensions are sent along with the vacuum cleaner.

Extensions: Crevice nozzle, rubber jar and brush tool

Each extension serves a different functionality. For instance, the crevice nozzle extension comes in handy for a user when a place to be cleaned isn’t easy to access. This can be the corners of the room or area under a sofa or a bed.

On the other hand, a rubber jar attachment is useful when a fluid waste needs to be cleaned. As mentioned earlier, up to 100 ml of water of milk spill can be dealt by Homasy’s handheld vacuum cleaner. This means that from now onwards a liquid spill will not be a problem.

Additionally, the brush attachment possessing bristles is ideal for furniture or surfaces needing whisking. Mostly, carpets, keyboards and photo frames are cleaned by using the brush extension.


  • Strong suction power
  • Lightweight
  • Three attachments for different use cases
  • Washable filters
  • Reasonable battery life


  • Doesn’t turn on a button click, needs a continuous button press.

Customer Reviews:

Maintaining an overall rating of 4.3 on Amazon, Homasy cordless vacuum cleaner seems to please its users on most occasions. Customers appreciated several special attributes of the vacuum cleaner:

  • Battery life:  Most of the customers reported satisfaction with battery timings. They were happy with the battery life to such an extent that they always listed this feature in the pros list of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Strong and Powerful Suction:  The core feature of the vacuum cleaner, the suction power, was liked by many customers and often led them to rate the cleaner 5 stars. These customers were found highly recommending Homasy’s cordless vacuum cleaner.
  • Easy to use: After using the vacuum cleaner for a long time, a customer was of the view that all attachments were super easy to put to and take off which made his life very comfortable.
  • Handheld vacuum: Customer reviews show that the aforementioned vacuum cleaner is one of the finest and ideal handheld vacuum cleaners. Some customers even claim to purchase it again as a gift.

Final Views:

Homasy has a range of vacuum cleaners for bringing ease to the daily lives of the users. While every cleaner has its own specialty and specialization, this cordless vacuum cleaner is a well-engineered product targeting a majority of daily life cleaning tasks.

I think that as this cleaner is more than capable of handling liquid wastes and not easy to reach places, there’s a certain value provided by the vacuum cleaner. That’s why I can conclude that Homsay’s handheld vacuum cleaner would definitely be a yes for me.

Homasy Handheld Cordless Vacuum For Car
Homasy Handheld Cordless Vacuum For Car

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