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BLACK DECKER Handheld Cordless Vacuum for Cars

Cordless Vacuum For Car

Cordless Vacuum For Car
Cordless Vacuum For Car

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Vacuum For Car.

Tired of seeing your car interior all dusty? Don’t worry, BLACK+DECKER has got you covered.

BLACK+DECKER is an American manufacturer of power tools, hardware and home improvement products. The company is here for over a century and this time it has come up with BDH1200PVAV 12-volt pivot auto vacuum as a solution to the annoying problem of car interior getting dirty.

Product Features

  • The Adapter: The product comes with a 12-volt adapter that fits into the cigarette lighter socket.
  • Wire: The 16-foot long wire is long enough to help you reach the tough corners in your cars. Kids spreading crumbles all over the back seat, no worries, this vac has the reach.
  • Flexibility: The nose of the cleaner has 10 settings that allow you to achieve a higher level of flexibility in terms of cleaning. Get under those tough places with ease now.
  • Medium Duty Type: The vacuum cleaner is designed for medium-level duties. There is no power boost available.
  • Suction Power: The suction power of the product stands at 12.5 AW. This makes sense in the light of the medium-level duties it has to achieve.
  • Cyclonic Action: To maintain optimum suction power, the cyclonic action spins dirt away from the filter.

Pros of BLACK+DECKER BDH1200PVAV Cordless Vacuum.

  1. Timing: With battery-powered vacuums, the biggest annoyance cost comes in the form of charging and minimal operational time. With car-adapter-powered cleaner, you don’t need to worry about the timing anymore.
  2. Reach & Area: The 16-foot long wire provided enough stretch to reach nooks and corners of the car. Plus, the 10-different nozzle settings allow this device to reach small and difficult-to-reach areas of the car.
  3. Quick Pick-Up: Th device has the power of doing quick pick-ups and is laden with double action filtration system.
  4. Compact: Patented ‘motor in the filter’ allow this device to be manufactured in an ultra-compact form. The user reviews show that the device comes in a very compact device that seems to please the customers. Plus, foldability makes it an easy device to carry in your car.
  5. Price: One of the best things about this product is its price point. It is selling at a reasonable $54.99 price point on Amazon.


  1. Inability to Use Outside: The ability to get connected to the cigarette lighter socket is a double-edged sword. While the wire helps overcome the charging issue, the same feature creates the problem of using it outside the car. The vacuum cleaner is dedicated for interior usage. If you want to take the cleaner inside your home or use it outside the car for some reason, it is a no-no. It is supposed to be a car accessory.
  2. Lack of a Strong Suction: Since it is a medium-tier vacuum cleaner, the suction power is not on the higher end. It is not as powerful as the home vacuum. This means that although it can provide reasonable amount of cleaning, it might not be as intensive as the one used in homes. One of the reviewers on Walmart’s online channel said It works only ok; just for small jobs. need strong suction”.

Customer Question & Answers

Q: Is this a bagless vacuum?
A: Yes.

Q: Does this unit have a storage rack?

A: BDH1200PVAV includes

  1. Flexible Hose (1)
  2. On Board Flip-up Brush (1)
  3. Extendable Crevice Tool (1)
  4. Large Soft Brush
  5. Mesh Storage Bag

Q: Is this a wet and dry unit?

A: “No.”

My Take on the Product

The product seems like a good entrant in the medium range category. With a reasonable price, the product provides a good enough experience to the customers. The hassle of charging is taken care of by the 16-ft long wire attached to the device.  However, with suction power not on the high-end, it might not provide the kind of suction that people generally desire.

The usage of this vacuum is also limited to the car interior since it has to connect to the cigarette lighter port. This makes it pretty much a car accessory. But, it is not a bad accessory to have in your car. The size is compact and the device is nicely foldable. For a price point that is extremely reasonable, BLACK+DECKER delivers on various aspects when it comes to cleaning your car.

Lauren E. White

Politics & Philosophy at Durham Uni, writer at @CordlessLab (+ others). Enthusiastic about Mamma Mia, old books & The NorthTrade.

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