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BLACK DECKER AV1500 Dust Buster Corded Vacuum Car Cleaner

BLACK+DECKER AV1500 Dust Buster 12V Auto Vacuum - Corded

BLACK DECKER AV1500 DustBuster 12V Auto Vacuum
BLACK DECKER AV1500 DustBuster 12V Auto Vacuum

Isn’t cleaning a car almost every other day with a vacuum cleaner demanding substantial control and effort very exhausting and tiring?

The goal of wiping out all waste scattered unevenly in the car comes in conflict with the weight of the vacuum cleaner if the weight of the vacuum cleaner isn’t very light. Imagine starting from front seats and cleaning all the way to back seats while occasionally visiting the areas such as doors and areas under the seats with an average weighted vacuum cleaner. Of course, the thought is not very comforting.

Chores requiring attention on almost daily basis must be easy going in order to get the tasks done with minimal effort and shortest possible time. Fortunately, the wide range of products from Black & Decker has facilitated users and substantially relieved them from daily cleaning tasks, especially cleaning cars.

Particularly, the AV1500 Dustbuster 12V Auto Vac by Black & Decker is designed smartly to ensure a comfortable and congenial car cleaning experience. Weighing only 0.48 ounce, the dustbuster vacuum cleaner is a perfect tool to clean the interior of the car and enjoy a pleasant ride.

The vacuum cleaner is quite compact to be carried in the car all the time.  The most noticeable features of the vacuum cleaner include:

  • 12-volt adapter: As the dustbuster is purely intended for car drivers, its power consumption is well-adjusted as per the cigarette lighter outlet. No hassle to recharge it several times and then use it. Just plug in, finish the job and switch off after the task is completed.
  • 16-Foot-long cable: The dustbuster comes with a long cable for users to clean every corner of the car. A user can take it as far from the lighter plug as needed and ensure that every centimeter of the car is bright and clean.
  • One-step empty: To enhance the overall cleaning process till the very end, disposing of the waste after done with the cleaning is also made very undemanding. Just press one button to unlock the bin and dispose of the junk in a garbage container.
  • On-board accessory storage: Carrying the vacuum cleaner on a journey doesn’t need separate attention now because it can be easily packed in the on-board accessory storage and placed in the car.

Extensions: Crevice extension and upholstery brush tool

As the wastes in the car are of various nature and on different types of surfaces such as car carpets, seats or handles, the extensions sent along with the dustbuster to take care of all forms of dirt in the car.

For instance, the carpets and seats can be cleaned in a more efficient and impeccable manner by utilizing the upholstery brush attachment with the vacuum cleaner.

On the other hand, the worry to clean difficult to reach areas can be dealt by using the crevice extension. All areas not easily accessible otherwise can be cleaned effortlessly by using the crevice extension on top of the vacuum cleaner.


  • Long 16-foot cord
  • Can go on the car battery for a long time
  • Smartly designed to clean cars specifically
  • Multiple extensions in order to achieve various cleaning tasks
  • Cleanable filter
  • Ideal for quick clean-ups


  • Can’t be charged
  • Brush tool extension doesn’t sit tight

Customer Reviews:

As per the customer reviews, the Black and Decker’s handheld vacuum cleaner delivers great results. While maintaining almost a rating of 4, the most frequently endorsed features of the vacuum include:

Dustbuster:  Users found the performance of this dustbuster up to the mark and some even went ahead and urged others to purchase this dustbuster.

Powerful Suction:  As per the customer reviews, the dustbuster is powerful enough to pick up salt marsh hay residue from the hatchback. Mostly were of the view that it possesses sufficient power to clean the car thoroughly.

Long Cord: Customers were glad for the long power cord enabling them to clean the back seats and even the trunk of the car. Most of them expressed positive remarks about the long cord.

Economical Price: As there is a variety of vacuum cleaners in the market, customers were pleased with the value they found from the aforementioned dustbuster at a reasonable price. They shared positive sentiments regarding the competency of the dustbuster against many other vacuum cleaners falling in the $20 range.

Final Views:

As a driver myself, I can conclude that an untidy car messes with the brain and temperament of the driver and continues to do so until the mess is cleaned properly. Therefore, maintaining a clean car is as crucial as any other mechanical part of the car.

I’ll always choose ease and quality in any product because if these two factors are well managed by the product on my behalf, it’s a must-buy for me. Up till now, the experience I’ve had with the dustbuster allows me to conclude that it’s a must for all drivers. I really found it convenient to use and was satisfied with the results.

BLACK DECKER AV1500 DustBuster 12V Auto Vacuum
BLACK DECKER AV1500 DustBuster 12V Auto Vacuum

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