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ZesGood Portable Handheld Car Vacuum Cordless

ZesGood Cordless Car Vacuum
ZesGood Cordless Car Vacuum

Rated at 4.3 stars on Amazon by over 2,700 reviews ZesGood’s handheld vacuum cleaner stands in the front row with all other leaders in the cordless vacuum cleaners’ market. High-quality handheld vacuums are very effective when it comes to cleaning cars. Spillage can turn out to be a pain for the car owners but with products like these the waste can be cleaned instantly. Similarly, pet owners deal with pet hair all over their living space. This can also be dealt with using these handheld vacuums.

ZesGood has perfected their handheld vacuum and introduced features which puts it apart from the competitors in the market. The design is sleek, compact, and appealing, and the overall performance is phenomenal according to the customer reviews.


  • Powerful Suction: This vacuum provides a powerful suction force with low noise which is why it is very efficient for indoor cleaning or cleaning in small spaces like cars. The powerful 120W motor can generate more than 7KPa suction which can be used for thorough cleaning.
  • Wet and dry cleaning: Unlike most handheld vacuum cleaners, this product helps with wet cleaning as well as dry cleaning.
  • Better battery timing: The Zesgood handheld vacuum takes around 2-3 hours to charge fully and runs up to 25 minutes when fully charged. This allows users to have multiple cleaning sessions in-between charges.
  • Washable filters: The HEPA filters are easy to remove and are washable due to which they last a long time.
  • Large capacity: To avoid pauses while cleaning, the vacuum has a large capacity of 550ml that stores all the debris and dust.
  • LCD screen display: There’s an LCD screen on the vacuum that indicates the battery percentage. This helps users manage the cleaning sessions without difficulty. There are also LED lights that help with

Who can use this product?

This product is brilliant for both wet and dry cleaning which is why it is the best choice for travelers. Car owners can deal with spillages on the run. It can also be used in offices and workshops for cleaning waste instantly. Apart from this, Zesgood has advertised the vacuum’s efficiency when it comes to cleaning pet hair. So, pet owners can also use this vacuum for instant cleaning sessions.


  • Low noise: The noise reduction technology produces noise under 75dbs which makes it excellent for cleaning small spaces like cars.
  • 7Kpa suction force: The high suction force makes it exceptional for pet hair, dust, debris, and even mites.
  • Extensions for better cleaning: The vacuum comes with extension tools that can be utilized for better cleaning.
  • LEDs for better cleaning: There are LEDs installed to illuminate poorly lit areas like mats of a car.
  • Wet cleaning: Most handheld vacuums don’t allow wet cleaning. This, however, supports dry as well as wet cleaning.


  • Build Quality: The vacuum is made in China and the manufacturers have adjusted the low cost of the product through the build quality.
  • Battery life: The battery life although is great for a handheld vacuum, the overall 2-3hour charge time for 25 minutes of run time could be improved.
  • Flexibility: This vacuum comes with extra extensions but additional extensions could’ve been added.

Customer Reviews

  • Size and noise: The customers were extremely satisfied by how handy this machine is and the low noise.
  • Ease of use: Due to the LEDs, screen and the intuitive hardware interface the customers found the product to be extremely easy to use.
  • Capacity: The high capacity of the cleaner puts it in a different class since the cleaning sessions are not paused due to the capacity.
  • Price: This vacuum is priced at $41 on amazon which makes it extremely affordable for its features.

 Final Thoughts

Overall, the customers found the product to be great in terms of use and cleaning. The price makes it extremely affordable given all the features and quality. Currently priced at $41 this vacuum makes a brilliant high end portable cleaner. The main feature, the suction force, makes it a good choice for cars, pets, workshops, offices, and any place where quick cleaning can be required.

Buying decisions are driven by budget and keeping in view the quality and features, ZesGood’s handheld vacuum is the choice to go for.

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